Abington Symphony Orchestra: Mozart!

The Abington Symphony Orchestra celebrates 50 years of music-making in community with a program of Mozart. Led by John Sall, Director of Music Ministries, the program celebrates the history of this church and community group with Mozart’s Symphony No. 35 in D, “Haffner” which was featured in the first season of the Abington Chamber Orchestra, founded and directed by G. Stanley Powell, Minister of Music at that time. Filled with the sparkling wit, charm, and beauty characteristic of Mozart’s writing, this symphony is also uniquely compact, moving forward with endless energy. It is easy to hear why it remains a favorite in the repertoire for players and listeners alike.

The orchestra is also joined by APC member John Frazier in the Mozart Clarinet Concerto. Lithe, expressive, and charming by turns, this performance of classic concerto is noteworthy because Mr. Frazier performs on a specially made “Basset Clarinet” similar to the original soloist in 1791, allowing him the full range of notes extending below the modern clarinet.  Listeners will hear the full expression of this feature in the several sections which include “explorations” in the solo part of concerto including comparative figures in different octaves from lowest to highest.

The concert is presented Friday, Nov 5, 7:30pm, in the sanctuary at Abington Presbyterian Church, 1082 Old York Road, Abington, PA, and runs a little over one hour. All are invited to the concert for free with thanks to our patrons (and freewill donations gratefully received). The program will be presented in-person and livestreamed at Music at Abington’s YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/M9AchtZeHZE

Current safety protocols in place include registration for all in-person events with contact info, masks worn over mouth and nose indoors for all attendees over age 2 (those who are fully vaccinated may remove masks once seated in place according to distancing guidelines), distanced seating.  In-person attendees are invited to register ahead to save time with on-site registration we are currently conducting in line with the church’s Covid protocols: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1v7RsQbPQ2G4gDM4W4Rw7kuMj1eqOA1cb_e_kggkVe44

For more information email Director of Music Ministries, John Sall.

Check out the entire Music at Abington season on the series webpage here: Music at Abington

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