Robert Gladden & Associates oversaw a major renovation to APC’s sanctuary organ in honor of the 300th Anniversary of the congregation in 2014. This expansion produced the versatile and beautiful 4-manual 103-rank expansion on the original 1969 Möller (III/58) opus 10551. The project to restore the Möller Organ was undertaken in honor of Jean McDevitt whose lifelong commitment of service to this congregation included over fifty years of volunteer leadership to the choir and music program. The re-dedicatory recital was presented by Alan Morrison including a newly commissioned work by Kile Smith. The organ rededication booklet from 2014 including reflections from the builder, music director, and others along with the recital program and other details can be found here.

A technical stoplist of the instrument and it’s sonic riches and capabilities can be found here.

A bit of history of the instrument prior to the renovation and expansion was composed in 1996 by former organist Leander Chapin “Biff” Claflin which follows below.