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It is our church’s joy to be able to baptize those who are making a Christian profession of faith or who are presenting a child to receive this sacrament. This celebration of God’s love and grace takes place during a Sunday morning worship service. One of the pastors of Abington Presbyterian Church would be most happy to explore and schedule the sacrament of baptism for you or for one of your family members.


Following our denomination’s guidance, we understand marriage as a gift of God that involves a unique commitment between two adults to love and support each other for the rest of their lives. A wedding in a church setting is a worship service in which the couple exchanges mutual promises and where the clergy officiant pronounces God’s blessing on their union. We require that an engaged couple undergo pre-marital counseling with the pastor. Contact one of the pastors of Abington Presbyterian Church to explore whether your wedding might be held here.

Funerals or Memorial Services

In funerals or memorial services, we give thanks to God for the life of the person who is deceased, and we affirm our resurrection hope for a life beyond this life. We seek to bring comfort to those who mourn. APC members can have their cremains buried in the historic APC cemetery. Contact one of the pastors of Abington Presbyterian Church to schedule a service in memory of your loved one.