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Mission: In Service to Others

Mission Council activities reflect a growing focus on support that is both financial and hands-on. The Council believes that hands-on mission helps us develop a sense of partnership with the ministries we support, promotes social and intergenerational interaction among APC members and, most importantly, makes a substantial difference in the lives of the people we touch. To participate in any of these mission opportunities, please contact the Church Office at 215-887-4530.

APC Hands-On Mission

Face to Face

At Face to Face in Germantown, struggling families, individuals and the homeless can enjoy a hot meal, take a hot shower and receive a new set of clothes, and have access to a variety of social services, early child education and after school programs. Volunteer activities include preparation of meals and serving.

The Church Has Left the Building (CHLTB)

On a CHLTB Sunday, APC members and friends come to church but on this day, they “become the church” and go out into the community to worship with their hands. Service opportunities include clean-up at Jarrett Nature Center, preparing a hot meal at Face to Face, making blankets for the Linus Project, and designing get well cards.

West Kensington Ministry (WKM)

A faith community in West Kensington, serving people challenged by drugs, violence, unemployment and only a 50% high school graduation rate. In addition to financial support, APC members serve on the WKM board, work on many projects around the building, and can become a mentors through the Building Bridges program.

Gemma Services

Founded as Presbyterian Children’s Village in 1877, Gemma Services mission has remained the same – to heal the spirits of children, families and communities broken by violence, addiction, poverty, racism and other social problems. Along with financial support, Mission Council collects back packs filled with school supplies and purchases gifts for Christmas giving.

Cradle of Hope

A local organization that provides support and temporary housing to unwed, expectant mothers and their children. The staff provides help with budgeting and financial planning, transportation to job interviews, parenting classes, as well as serving as a resource for finding permanent housing. Volunteers can help with transportation, babysitting and house maintenance.

Presbyterian Mission Agency

Gifts purchased from The Alternative Gift Market during Advent provide help, hope and relief to people, families and communities in need around the world.

Outreach Programs that Mission Council supports with your mission dollars:

Citizens and Police Together (C.A.P.T.)

We partner with C.A.P.T. on their 24 hour relay fundraiser for benevolent distribution by the Abington Police Department to those they find in need.

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA)

PDA joins with Church World Service (CWS) and Action by Churches Together (ACT) to provide rapid response to disaster events worldwide.

Presbyterian Education Board (PEB)

PEB has taken over many of Pakistan’s state schools that were failing and now provides high quality education to children regardless of their family’s ability to pay. Moreover, PEB educates girls in a country where girls are not usually afforded an education.

Hearts in Motion (HIM)

Ministers to the very poorest people in Guatemala and provides food and medical assistance in an area that has virtually no services.

Hope and Help Network

A faithbased organization serving people seeking to lift their lives and families out of addiction and poverty by connecting them with resources and programs throughout the Montgomery and Bucks community.

Beacon Church

A burgeoning faith community in Kensington.

Gen Y

The Gen Y program serves special needs students from Abington Junior High. The program meets at APC on school days during the school year.

Special Offerings Received by the Presbyterian Church (USA):

One Great Hour of Sharing