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The name Presbyterian is derived from the Greek word for elder. Presbyterian congregations are distinguished by electing women and men to serve in the office of elder and oversee the ministry and mission of the church.  Abington Presbyterian Church has 18 elders who serve in three classes.  They, with the pastors, make up the Session, the official governing body of the church.

The moderator of session is Rev. Dr. Kirby Lawrence-Hill.

The clerk of our session is Georgene Pilling.

We have 7 councils that report to our session.  Each Council is chaired by a member of the session.

Christian Education – Michelle Feil, Suzin Weber, Chris Ellis
Congregational Life – Don Brooks, Julia Waite
Mission – Rob Maransky, Ed Wikoff, Joe Ayoub
Personnel – Ray Rife, Sarah Berry
Resources/Finance – Pete Johnson, Bill Gustafson
Resources/Property – Jeff Bates, Mike Palumbo
Stewardship – Glenn Hostetter, Bill Thygeson
Worship and Music – Bill Price, Blaine Cloud

A link to our Book of Order is here.


A deacon is called and empowered by God to serve the sick, the hungry, the friendless, and those in distress both within the church congregation and in the community beyond.

Teams of Deacons are charged with ministering to the members of the congregation for particular regions called parishes, providing for their care and comfort. Deacons also greet at the 10 AM service every Sunday and visit with parishioners by delivering flowers after the service.

To support the needs of our community, Deacons run blood drives three times a year and oversee a well-established food ministry program providing food baskets and local grocery store gift card to families with food insecurities as well as collecting non-perishable goods for a local food pantry.

Abington Presbyterian Church’s Board of Deacons has 24 deacons who serve in three classes.

To contact the Deacons, please email [email protected]