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ANTI-RACISM TEAM is a group of dedicated individuals who gather weekly to discuss issues of racial justice and equity, plan events and activities for APC to get involved in the work of social justice, and to provide resources for church and community members to learn more about systemic racism and racial identities. Although meeting weekly represents a significant time commitment, the goal is to distribute the time and tasks among our congregation so that all might contribute to, and thereby benefit from, the work of standing against racism. Contact Alice Price.

THE CARE TEAM is a group of dedicated and faithful individuals who feel called to show love, compassion and intentional caring action toward  those who need support during life transitions. If you feel compelled to support those who are suffering from grief, sickness or life transitions then the care team is a ministry for you. The Care Team supports, encourages, visits and prays for those ‘Ageless Wonders’’ who are fighting to overcome some of life’s obstacles. The Care Team actively engages with those who need special pastoral care. We walk alongside our pastors as they minister to those going through life transitions in our congregation. If you are a member or a regular attendee of Abington Presbyterian Church  and have an interest in volunteering in this ministry, contact Tia McCoun. We look forward to hearing from you.

CHANCEL GUILD is an opportunity for any worshipper who is interested to be part of the team that attends to preparing and beautifying the worship environment. This includes monthly meetings for planning and routine updates and care of furnishings, with added time and emphasis on planning and decorating for the festive cycles at Advent/Christmas/Epiphany and Lent/Holy Week/Easter alongside added congregational volunteers who join the effort. Contact Worship Council chair Bill Price.

The church buildings are surrounded by sweeping lawn areas and many small gardens, each with its own personality. The lawns are mowed by a professional landscaping company. The gardens are a labor of volunteer love.

The gardeners are building native plant communities in order to provide habitat for insects and birds as well as beautiful surroundings for the church. Anyone who is interested in joining in is welcome. It is a great opportunity to meet people, learn more about ecological gardening and give back to the church.

As ecological gardeners we learn together about native plants and use them in our landscape, incorporate layers of plants that grow well together, select plants to attract birds and insects, include plants that will provide interest throughout the year. There is no fixed schedule as gardening is weather dependent. Time to work together can be arranged. Volunteers can also work with the gardeners to carry out tasks at their own convenience.

No tools? No problem! The church has a supply of basic tools. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Glenn Hostetter.

VIDEO OPERATOR is a growing role at APC as the pandemic and live-stream become part of our regular worship practice. This includes opportunities for some production work ahead with worship slides/graphics, training and operation of the two-camera system to live-stream or record worship, and assistant operator who places lower-third graphics and checks outgoing video for live events. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Don Brooks.

USHERS are needed each week in welcoming and assisting worshippers with any needs that arise, as well as regular roles to provide worship materials, assist in the receiving of offerings, handing out programs for special events or concerts, and more. Contact usher coordinator Eric Gildner.

YOUTH MINISTRIES has been a focal point of APC for many generations. Our youth group kids serve on Session and as Deacons, participate in worship planning and leadership, and are the stewards of such time-honored traditions as Youth Sunday, Souper Bowl of Caring, and the Annual Talent Show. Additionally, the program year is marked by retreats in the fall and spring, as well as mission and fellowship trips in the summer. All of this takes time, energy, and planning which are the gifts of our devoted Adult Advisers, Sunday Dialogue and Confirmation teachers, and other Youth Group volunteers. If you relate well with young people today and care about their spiritual growth and emotional health, please consider serving as a volunteer. Serving as a Youth Ministries volunteer means undergoing certain background screenings as required by church policy, and state and federal law. We assist in this process and walk alongside our prospective volunteers as they complete these important steps. Please contact the Youth Ministry Committee chair Jennie Colt or Youth Coordinators Justin Feil or Ashley Rossi for additional information.

The Tuesday Group is a key to ongoing operations of the church. This is a group of energetic and talented volunteers who complete many of the church’s maintenance projects . We could never afford to pay for the work they do. During the past year they were responsible for landscaping, cemetery repairs, lighting, electrical repairs, painting, and other safety and emergency measures.  The morning activities conclude with a time for fellowship with coffee and donuts.  Anyone is welcome to join by showing up in Room 108 at 9AM on Tuesdays.

Periodically assigned to take quality digital photographs for a special event or seasonal pictures of the church for the website.  Contact Glenn Hostetter.