World Communion Sunday Feasting

As we turn the calendar to October, many of us will be thinking of a treasured tradition at APC, the joyful feast that grows directly from World Communion Sunday. Sharing breads from around the world is a treat for both the body and the spirit as we gather around tables and enjoy new breads and those lovingly made year after year by members who want to share them.

We hope this fall you might want to participate in sharing a favorite bread recipe from a cultural heritage in your family, or another favorite from home as we recognize the rich diversity of the church around the world at our World Communion Sunday worship services on October 2. Following the 10am service we will dedicate a Peace Pole installation on our church grounds and then share bread together (outdoors).

Recognizing the one Lord’s Table which stretches across boundaries of time and space will be a focus, and perhaps baking and sharing with a neighbor can point us to the gospel which draws us to one another and reminds us of our connections both personal and spiritual. To that end Worship Council is grateful to Sally Bowie for providing these recipes. Sally helped to spearhead this celebration with many helping hands over the years and collected these attached recipes she has made.

Chipa Bread Paraguay
French Nut Bread
Gluten Free recipe
Greek Olive Bread
Hawaiian Bread III
Irish Soda Bread
Italian Walnut Raisin Whole Wheat
Moroccan Sweet Wheat
Swedish Rye
Russian Black Bread

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