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Like most other ministries at Abington, we highly value service and justice initiatives. We’re always looking for a project or group to support and you can often find us planning food drives or fundraisers to bring to our neighbors near and far. If you’re looking for a community of faith to join with and be a part of, we would love to meet you!

Youth Ministry at Abington includes middle school, Confirmation Class, and Senior High. Each group features age-appropriate and relevant classes, discussions, fun, and focus on social justice issues of our day. APC kids are passionate about things like the environment, racial equity, and what it means to be a follower of Christ in today’s fast-changing world.

We are proud of the adults who are committed to the well-being and growth of our young people. Every year we are inundated with volunteers who are excited to serve as Advisors on Sundays, at events, and for our retreats. Kids always have more than one option when it comes to seeking out a trusted adult with whom to grow in their faith. Every person over the age of 18 completes three levels of background checks and trainings in order to be cleared for service in our church.