Deacons Fall Brief 2021


“A deacon is called and empowered by God to serve the sick, the hungry, the friendless, and those in distress both within the church congregation and in the community beyond. A deacon receives and affirms his vows before God and his church family. A deacon exercises his calling by the power of the Holy Spirit who counsels and guides him both in his being and in his doing. In union with Christ and the church, a deacon ministers to God and his neighbor to the best of his ability. A deacon demonstrates his faith by his works, and his spirit of compassion shines like a light in our broken world. A deacon’s life of service glorifies the Lord.”

For the members of Abington Presbyterian Church, teams of 3-4 deacons focus on pastoral care and are given a charge for members living in a region or parish. The deacons respond to their parishioners’ needs and serve as a network to additional resources when requested.

Within the community, a large mission of the deacons focuses on supporting families experiencing food insecurity. The deacons collect monetary donations as well as non-perishable goods for a local food pantry. There is also a partnership with the Abington School District to provide food baskets for 40 families during Thanksgiving and Easter.

The moderator of the deacons can be reached at

David Bishop
Board of Deacons Moderator
Abington Presbyterian Church