Director's Message

Art enables us to find ourselves
and lose ourselves at the same time.

The mind that responds to the intellectual and spiritual values that lie hidden in a poem, a painting, or a piece of music, discovers a spiritual vitality that lifts it above itself, takes it out of itself, and makes it present to itself on a level of being that it did not know it could ever achieve.

~Thomas Merton


John Sall

Dear Music at Abington friends, followers, and patrons,

Come “find yourself and lose yourself at the same time” with Music at Abington this season. We know from your ongoing support and warm reflections that the spiritual vitality found in this series is what brings people together. The Music at Abington committee is pleased to be a part of a legacy of music and community and hopes to share this coming season with you as a fellow listener, friend, and supporter.

This 48th season of Music at Abington concerts bears the hallmarks of professional guest artists and dedicated community musicians. You’ll discover brand new guests and long-time favorites side-by-side in this season which includes folk music, classical chamber music, masterworks for choir and orchestra, Christmas and Memorial concert traditions and more. Mark these dates on your calendar and share them with fellow music lovers and first-time visitors; there is something for everyone on the series. Your attendance and your support are what make it possible for Music at Abington to continue to uplift and connect listeners and performers in this unique way, and we thank you.

With hope, we look forward to the moments where minds and hearts “respond to the intellectual and spiritual values that lie hidden” in this season’s programs together.


John Sall, Director of Music Ministries &

The Music at Abington Committee

We are honored to share the enclosed highlights from the upcoming season with you. After 44 years of shared music and community
your interest and support in this collaborative venture inspires us to keep the music flowing!
The special annual traditions that have developed over time are here. Whether the candlelit procession of Christmas by Candlelight
or the hallowed list of names and remembrances included at the Memorial Concert, the performers find as much to
cherish in these traditions as the listeners, making Music at Abington a special local source of memory, community, and tradition.
The presence of world class guest artists shows another side of our vision, to bring the highest caliber performances to our
community and make them available to everyone without barrier. Students, music lovers, and casual listeners alike benefit from
this unique blend of community support and professional presentations. Your gift to Music at Abington makes this possible.
It is a sign of your ongoing support in the community and the quality of shared musical experiences with amateur and professional
guest performers alike that we are celebrating a 45th season of programming. It is your suggestions that continue to inspire
and lead our programming and your support with your dollars, your time, and your invitations to new listeners that keep
Music at Abington at the heart of our community. What will inspire you this season? It is awaiting you here!
John Sall, Director of Music Ministries &
The Music at Abington Committee

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