Posted: 03/23/2020

Online Worship During Covid-19 distancing

Abington Presbyterian Church is a community that gathers to nuture our life in Christ and in community in worship, hearing about the ways we are encouraged to live out God's vision through scripture, preaching, and song. During the unprecented public health effort to limit transmission of the novel coronavirus causing Covid-19 we are not able to gather in person for worship.

One gift of our technology at this time is the ability to present a recorded worship service each week to keep people rooted in the experienece of our shared worship. Current plans including recording this service to upload to Youtube each Saturday as long as our small staff gathering for this process is allowed to continue.

While we are continuing to make plans for upcoming worship services we will alter this format if travel and other restrictions require it. The easiest way to remain connected to this part of our shared worship life is through the recently created Youtube channel/account called Abington Presbyterian Church which you can search and find or clikc here.

Thank you for the support already shown regarding this effort and please let us know how we can continue to imrpove and serve our APC community in this way and in new ways during this challenging time.

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