Posted: 04/16/2020

Food Drive and Books Drive-through Saturday 4/18


As most regular gatherings and locations which support and stock our local food bank are closed and unemployment increases we want to help! And since we won’t be in the building to use resources which we have here to support worship and faith formation we are sending them home with you. Drive through the church parking lot on Saturday, April 18, between 11 and 12 to pick up purple hymnals and kids’ story bibles and drop off a non-perishable item from your well-stocked cupboard if you can. Let us know if you want to join the effort but can’t at this time as we will arrange a follow up time as well.

Children’s Story Bibles: For our church families we want to also make it easier for you to read Bible stories with your kids. Sparkhouse is currently running a big sale on the Spark Bible and we have ordered a number of them to give out to families with preschool and lower elementary-age kids. Please feel free to come and pick up a Spark Bible to use with online Sunday School resources. One of the best parts of the Spark Bible is a little friend named Squiggles who appears in each illustration and helps kids to find the focal point and expression of the story. I hope you’ll enjoy reading the Bible together and looking for Squiggles.

Hymnals at home: The single most comprehensive collection of historic and contemporary prayers, poetry, seasonal highlights, songs of praise, and prayer liturgies most of us have access to is our hymnal. As we worship in these weeks away from the building your APC worship staff want you to have them in hand in homes to use for weekly worship, daily inspiration, and sources of prayer and memory in this time. So the hymnals are leaving the building! If you can make a drive-through visit to the church parking lot Saturday between 11:00-12:00, come pick up a hymnal! If you cannot make this trip due to your safety or restrictions on your mobility we will bring or get one to you. Youth choir folks with a hymnal with their name on it at church, we’ll have yours handy so be sure you can take your hymnal home!

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